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((Continued from…

Kerowyn hummed happily to herself as she changed the sheets of the guest bedroom. It had been so long since Ana had had any sort of company over to stay the night. She had a nice dinner planned for the evening: a lovely stew with yorkshire puddings, steamed cabbage, a lovely red wine she'd picked out.

Yes, it would be a fine evening for Ana and her gentleman friend, she thought to herself.

There was a knock at the door and Kerowyn smiled to herself as she bustled to open it.


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Anthea (For Now)
United Kingdom
Myrtle Arlington. Sophia Wainwright. Terry. Christina (goes by Chris). Minerva.

These are just a few of the names I've gone by over the last few days alone. Do not worry about my age, for it as changing as my name (And isn't it a bit rude to be asking a woman that anyway? Didn't your mother teach you any manners?)

But if you need to call me anything, Anthea will do. Most of the team have taken to calling me that anyway.

:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletred: Back Story :bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletblack:

Anthea was in a car accident when she was younger where she lost both her parents. There was no other family that would take her, so she was sent to an orphanage. Her life there wasn't exactly bad perse but it wasn't amazing either and she remained there until she turned 18 and was sent off to work and support herself.

They got her a job at a local art museum as a janitor, but she found the job tedious. In her boredom, she started to noticed little things about the security that weren't quite right. She began to think to herself, I could take that painting out of here and return it without anyone being any the wiser. Slowly, over the course of a year, the plan in her head solidified. At first it was something to just pass the time, she had no intentions of going through with it, but eventually she realized she actually could do it.

So she did.

A week later, she returned the painting without being caught and attached a note with instructions and suggestions on how to improve security.

She ran several more heists before she caught Mycroft's eye and he intervened to offer her a job. She was nineteen at the time and having fun. She accepted his offer when she’d managed to catch someone else’s attention and ended up with pretty bruises to show for it. (When Mycroft Met Anthea)

Initially, she was only intended to be fast tracked through agent training however, for lack of knowing anyone else she often found herself studying in Mycroft's office (since she liked to show off all the things she was learning and how well she was doing). However, she started noticing the incompetence of his PA at the time and took to doing little things that the woman either didn't do or did wrong. Eventually, the PA started complaining about how Anthea was essentially doing her job and she had nothing left to do. Somehow this transitioned to Anthea replacing her.

Mycroft (hoping to find Anthea's family) began testing her DNA against anyone's he could get his hands on. He found her a sister, but upon realize who that sister was decided to sit on the information. It was only two years after the realization that he told her and revealed the identity. Irene Addler. (Blood Ties)

:bulletblack:RP Account as part of the SherlockBBC-RP-DA RP Group:bulletblack:

RPed by: :iconjanecshannon:
(If the icon's familiar, I also play our Canon!John)

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(You do know that there is this [link] right? :D )
Lestrade is transferring to MI6 whilst we work Ashton's case. -MH
I'll make the arrangements to have his badge rushed.
Mycroft was pale, he was sweating as he walked into Anthea's office. "Alana.....Alana come here please. He have an emergency. " It seemed the only thing holding Mycroft together was his polite tone.

(he'll show her the video etc, I am writing a response)
"Sir?" Anthea answered, concern blooming on her face. She rose to her feet instantly to follow him.

((Video of what?))
(No, Ashton's entry called "Video", sorry. :XD: )

"Alana....Ashton Hadley..." He looked down. "Oh God."
((Christ, I read it after I answered this journal entry.))

"Sir?!" Anthea could only prompt for more information. Ice had flooded her veins because nothing short of absolute horror could reduce Mycroft Holmes to this.
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Ashton-Hadley-RP Feb 23, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
((I've finally done it... tristan's dead. :cries: Ash just called John to let him know- it's been a few days, but she couldn't talk about it. Thankfully she's got Jeremy, though he's just as badly off as she is, considering that he viewed Tristan as his own son.))
((John's answered. Thanks for the head's up.))
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